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We use big data & machine learning to connect audience and advertisers to TV & Radio contents

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Infoxel Media Labs leads Media companies, Publishers and Advertisers to the future by harnessing the power of machine learning and data analysis to control, scale and bridge their assets in the new media industry through SaaS platforms.

The media and advertising giants of the world have been some of the slowest to adapt to new technologies and industry norms that are evolving at an incredibly fast pace.

By digitizing the way traditional media companies monitor, analyze, and share their advertising & contents across channels, Infoxel Media Labs are developing SaaS tools that put these firms back on the same playing field as newcomers by breaking down barriers between the print, TV, and radio and the digital world.



For Media & Advertisers

InfoAD is a SaaS platform that helps brands and advertisers monitor and analyze their own and competitive ads investment in LATAM.

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For Media & Publishers

Welo is a mobile and desktop platform that allows users and publishers to create and share TV clips in real time. Copyright owners can connect with new audiences and reduce content piracy.


For Media & Public Relations

Vlic is a mobile platform that allows users to “follow” Brands or People like Instagram but in TV & Radio content in real time in LATAM.


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